Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Story

There is no time zone or era when this is set or any particular part of the world. Just a leafy forest.

right I'll go through this quite fast and give you the need to know points.

  • Prelude: initial part of the game were you get to grip with the camera and control systems.
    • Within this stage you will go through the control and camera tutorials that are built in the game play its self and not just a random "look up" "run around" sort of this, you'll have stuff to look at like a nut or something and then you will need to chase something, getting to grips with the controls in a fun way
    • After this a Cutscene starts, The Forest is invaded by a logging company which start to "clense" the forest and round up the survivors. You (and the characters) don't know who the people are or what they want, and hopefully neither do you. (the player)
    • End Cutscene and start a full res FMV which explains what went on in the 15 years after the logging company arrived and who they are.
    • FMV ends with the face of the lead character Toulou, zoom out into cutscene.

  • Chapter 1: The beginning of this chapter starts with a game graphic res cutscene which I have a storyboard for here: -

After this game play starts and you are chucked right into the middle of the game world. 
    • Within this section you introduced to the world of the slums, the people, the things you can do within this area and introduced to your first team mate Lola (Character synopsis in later post)
    • Your first missions are taken on at this point and your stealth features are tutorialed along with your gadget menu.
Ill update more and more about the story in later posts, don't want to give everything away at once.

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