Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Character Synopsis Cynda

*Probably the most developed character I have on this project*

Cynda is a Happy energetic Rabbit in her late 20s to early 30s, Though she is happy this doesn’t mean that she isn’t evil, her lust for power and control has driven her to turn her back on the rest of the slaves and down trodden and agreed to work for Unison Foresting Company, with this capacity for evil she fast found her talents for controlling people, manipulating and organising. Using these “talents” she quickly made her way up the hierarchy of UFC until she was in the higher echelons, playing secretary for the higher ups, she had influence and access to all the major campaigns and military movements within the UFC and put more then enough pressure on the slaves to work efficiently.  After a while of this “productive” work she caught the eye of the C.E.O. of UFC who took a liking to her, he saw this young, driven workaholic as the perfect P.R. assistant, a pretty face to grab the attention of the old decrepit shareholders and a fiery attitude that would drive even the hardest of men into submission. This seems to be the perfect position for a lady of her talents, doing whatever she can to secure her position in the UFC, sinking to the lowest depravity of humanity to accomplish she mission of dominance. Though she seems to act as if she has complete devotion to Rathiel and his plans. Does she see visions of grandeur? Mrs. UFC? I can see her being in a board meeting of sorts with the people just bellow the bosses level and she still is dominating, taking no guff and really making sure that what Rathiel wants, he gets, regardless. I can imagine the board members being old rats, weseals, lizardy men. all stuffy and dressed in suits, then when she young femfetal bursts in and tells them how its going to be, it strikes the fear of god into them. Not afraid to make an "example" of one of them if they fail. With ragards to other workers, I think she would hold no favour to them, they would be just another way of getting what needs to be done... done. Though she would hold some form of fearful respect for Rathiel, if something was to go wrong, she would need to tell him, I think she would be scared. Inching closer and closer with hesertence, her ears quite low and hidding behind her clip board, after a furious dissmissel she would more then likely go and harrass lower employees, solidifiing her place. Through all her harshness and strong fersard, she can be a scared little bunny. Though at times when stuff goes right I can see her being quite playful and bouncey, still having no favour for lower level staff but going about her days with a bounce and energy.

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