Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting a visual

I guess I should really explain who and what NEMUS RES is.

Well, first, what is it?

Nemus Res (Latin Translation for "Tree Beings")
Its my brain child really, I wanted to push a style that I'm not used to doing, I've always liked the whole Jak and Daxter look of things, colourful and stylish Nice. So I persued that. I also like the idea of a game with a fun colourful style which is aimed at adults, so it may contact strong language, strong violence, drug use of drug references, sexual situations. Mine won't contain most of that, just the strong language and maybe strong violence. A perfect example of this sort of game is an old XBox game called Conker: Bad Fur Day.

Brilliant game full of furry little characters ripping the heads of each other... kinda.

Any game that has a monster made out of poo that you have to squash with a giant ball of poo is brilliant, end of.

This sort of humour, I think, is essential in a childish adult game. 
Full of colour and crazy wackiness! awesome stuff.

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