Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Character Synopsis Toulou

Toulou is the main character and is the only character you control, so I feel it is important to develop a strong  relationship with her, understand the game from her point of view.

She is a Squirrel of an age relative to a humans early 20's, focused and intense she doesn't have time to smile, though at times she can joke around with the best of them.
Her family was wiped out during the invasion leaving her on her own until she was taken in by a family who were rescuing orphaned children due to the invasion. Within the years after, while the Citadel got bigger and bigger and the forest got smaller and smaller, Toulou and many others formed an underground resistance who gave hope to the enslaved beings of the forest, always trying to find a way to topple the ever consuming power of the forestry company.

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